why catalyst partners?

Combine passion with experience to create successful ventures that empower superior patient care.

You are passionate, hard-working and focused on helping to create a healthier world. You are just like us. We combine decades of IONM management experience along with a dedication to clinical excellence to co-create IONM businesses that are profitable and at the height of patient care.

Our partners fuse their intimate knowledge of local communities, relationships and patients with our clinical and business management process and procedures to create successful IONM practices that are light years ahead of the field, from day one. Our comprehensive support and guidance include:

Scheduling, Coordination, and Logistics

Education and Training

Recruiting and Credentialing

Technical and Clinical Support

Supply Management

Quality Assurance

Professional Medical Services

EMR and Workflow Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Regulatory Compliance

Financial Control and Reporting

Successful Together

We don’t have clients, we have partners. We are in this with you, every step of the way– we’re stronger together. Our full-scale contributions include:

  1. End-to-end management and performance monitoring for a smooth operation.
  2. Additional income generation and financial growth through an effective IONM program.
  3. Consistent, high-quality care delivery through clinical integration and team-orientation.

Catalyst Partners, co-creating IONM businesses that engender financial health and help build a healthier world

the process

Our Partners

Catalyst Partners collaborates with Hospitals & Health Systems, Healthcare Providers and existing IONM companies that have a passion for building a healthier world and the tools for success. We scrutinize each proposed relationship to ensure clinical excellence and financial success. Our due diligence includes:

  • Analysis of current caseload, insurance mix, and capital & expenditure models.
  • Assessment of goals and requirements to construct projections .
  • Recruitment and training of qualified surgical neurophysiologists.

Our Process

With decades of experience on the business and clinical side of IONM, we have a keen understanding of the importance of business processes as the first step to collaborative success. Our three-step process:

  • Enter into Services Agreements for the delivery of IONM.
  • Confirm regulatory compliance through consultation with healthcare and corporate legal counsel.
  • Create a start-up action plan in line with the projections and operational requirements of the new IONM program.

Catalyst Management Services

Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring

Catalyst Partners’ leverages the collective expertise of its clinical service and education affiliates to empower IONM programs to attain and maintain clinical excellence in the delivery of IONM services. Developed and led by a skilled and highly committed clinical neurophysiology management team, our comprehensive Quality Assurance, Competency, and Education program promotes standard protocols and procedures, tracks care delivery and demands quality patient outcomes.


IONM Revenue Cycle Management

In addition to the unique industry insight required to navigate the intricate labyrinth of healthcare revenue cycle management, the key to financial success is effective (or active) process. Catalyst Partners’ experience and streamlined workflow through EMR, audit, coding, and collections ensure optimal reimbursement to help IONM programs achieve the best possible bottom-line for services rendered.

IONM Workflow Management

Catalyst Partners has developed the workflow systems necessary to ensure effective, streamlined business management. Our expertise in Scheduling & Administration, Technology Support, EMR Management, Billing & Collections, and Quality Control provides the resources that empower you to run your business efficiently and reap financial benefits faster. Catalyst Partners employs a secure, state of the art management system to complement day-to-day IONM program to ensure that your data is safeguarded so that you can focus on patient care and growing your business.


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